Feel better and make the world a better place for all of us

by Sara Vogt 19 Jun, 2017

We can all relate to many wonderful moments at work, with family and friends, and in nature. Watching a good movie, reading an inspiring book or listening to a soulful live concert also touches our Five Aspects. These are good moments and fond memories.

What makes out a great experience is individual and personal and we should think before judging others’ experiences. We should share our own inspiration and listen with care and love to what other people share with us. Often we do the opposite. This is a matter of habit or solidified behavioral patterns.

It all starts with our personal vision or dream and to what extent we manage to live it. We can never fulfill a dream or a vision …

… without having one. Your dream or vision will lead you to many positive experiences and also bring meaning to life. What is your dream or vision? How aware are you of it?

When we and our organization define our Vision or dream we need to be aware of to what extent we are thinking and acting Outside-in. To get to an Outside-in, Five Aspects Vision we need to include others and the world around us. Reflections will help us get to our Vision.

After many years in contact with people in different types of organizations, LOTS AB and the people working with LOTS® have seen many examples of good Visions. We still face many self-centered Visions, though.

What is the Vision/dream of your organization where you work today? What Vision or dream would you like to contribute to? How much are you thinking and acting Outside-in? How many of your Five Aspects are alive and alert?

The more trouble we face in the world, the more we should promote that it all begins with an Outside-in, Five Aspects Vision or dream.

Here are a few examples of Outside-in, Five Aspects visions:

– People with diabetes live their lives as unrestricted as possible

– More and more people get access to clean air and water

– People are looking forward to growing old in our community

– A society where everyone is willing to pay their fair share

– A world where people eat, speak and laugh with confidence

– Every neonatal infant gets the best possible start in life

– Surrounded by green everyday for life, joy and inspiration

– A positive business climate for entrepreneurs

– Equipment users are safe, effective and efficient

– Together we create security

Share your Outside-in, Five Aspects Visions with us on Facebook and help us inspire others to join our path. Together we can make the world a bit better. Use the hashtag #wemakeourworldbetter

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