More than 6.600 certified in more than 60 countries

A Lotscoach® facilitates our reflections and decision making and helps us to think and act Outside-in & Inside-out in a sustainable way.

A Lotscoach® is really good at asking curious, challenging and structured open questions and has a holistic view on each Issue.

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One plan and a common language for success

Having just one plan, as well as having a common language can be key to success. In this video Johan Geiding, Head of Business Process Management at Dustin Group, explains how.

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April 23

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Senior Lotscoach® and creator of LOTS®
The holistic view and clear structure, LOTS® contributes to making…
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Project coordinator
Contact me if you have any questions concerning LOTS®, Certification Programs or Team Lotscoa…
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Sara Vogt


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"When I was given the opportunity to become a certified LOTS AB coach, I jumped at the chance"

June 09, 2023

After the program to become a Certified Lotscoach®, Hans Åkerblom, CEO and Founder, got some very nice and kind reactions.

Down below are some reactions and pictures from the latest course.


"There is lots to love about working Arla Foods. One of my favorite times of the year is…

Leaders from Japan in Uppsala, Sweden

May 12, 2023

Representatives of the younger generation of leaders in Japan spent a week in Uppsala, Sweden, the hometown of the leadership philosophy, common language and tool of LOTS®. The new generation of leaders came to learn and to become certified as a Lotscoach®. They were eager to lea…

Challenge: Implementing new skills in the real world for trust and confidence

August 13, 2020

”We have so much been looking forward to being trained and certified as Lotscoach® within our organization. 

During the program the ten of us have reflected and decided upon how we will prepare and carry out our first assignment as Lotscoach®. Now we trust our ability to process a…