Program for the Development Day in Stockholm September 5

Barbro Kenving, Head of the IT Servicedesk Department at Systembolaget, Johan Geiding , Head of Business Processes Management at Dustin Group and Anders Bergquist, Head of Business Strategy at Econova Garden share their experiences of working as Lotscoach®. Also Hans Akerblom will share from his vast experience of working as Lotscoach®. You will also have the opportunity to develop your own skills and be inspired by working in groups where real life issues form the base for discussions.

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Introducing The Digital Tool of LOTS®

The Development Days are a chance for the certified Lotscoach® to meet the community of LOTS®, learn more and come back home filled with reflections, insights and energy. All of your individual experiences of being a Lotscoach® blend into discussions where we all speak the same language and grow not only as leaders, but also as people. This time we also introduced The Digital Support Tool of LOTS®.

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”LOTS® is a holistic and structured process to help leaders establish a better relationship with their customers and stakeholders in a positive, conscious and profitable way.”

Doug Smith, independent Lotscoach®

”LOTS® has given us a common and healthy approach, work procedure and language – throughout the entire organization. This way we have strengthened the business and have managed to create focus and progress.”

Magdalena Gerger, CEO, Systembolaget, Sweden

”LOTS® helps me and my co-workers to better understand the business and our responsibilities. Outside-in thinking has kept us in contact with our changing world and given us insights into how we could adapt.”

Dave McKinley, CCO, Henry Schein Inc, US

”LOTS® helps me to become better in dealing successfully with people and issues and to think differently both in my professional and my private life. With LOTS®, we take a balanced ’Outside-in’ and ‘Inside-out’ look at everything that we do.”

Madeleine Marx, GM, Scandic Hamburg Emporio, Germany

”I was introduced to LOTS® at an international business planning session in Egypt 2005. This tool works and I use it in everything I do. It is such a wonderful tool and it can be useful to everyone, everywhere.”

Joseph Thampan, Operations Manager– Business Development, Al Adrak LLC, Oman

”LOTS® for me is a mindset that I use not only in my professional role but also to reflect on things in my personal life. The philosophy behind, LOTS® provides a solid base, and the framework of LOTS® gives me a structured tool of great use when leading business planning processes.”

Josefine Willers, Corporate Development Director, Natural Cycles, Sweden


The importance of living here and now

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The Development Days are a chance for the certified Lotscoach® to meet the community of LOTS®, learn more and come back home filled with reflections, insights and energy.

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