More than 6.600 certified in more than 60 countries

A Lotscoach® facilitates our reflections and decision making and helps us to think and act Outside-in & Inside-out in a sustainable way.

A Lotscoach® is really good at asking curious, challenging and structured open questions and has a holistic view on each Issue.

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One plan and a common language for success

Having just one plan, as well as having a common language can be key to success. In this video Johan Geiding, Head of Business Process Management at Dustin Group, explains how.

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The holistic view and clear structure, LOTS® contributes to making p…
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Challenge: Implementing new skills in the real world for trust and confidence

August 13, 2020

”We have so much been looking forward to being trained and certified as Lotscoach® within our organization. 

During the program the ten of us have reflected and decided upon how we will prepare and carry out our first assignment as Lotscoach®. Now we trust our ability to process a…

Many highlights with this team

June 23, 2020

Each team that gets certified as Lotscoach® is unique, and therefore also the program and what it turns out to be. How the participants get to a state where they can start to think and act Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way and make more conscious decisions for a more…

”Fun helping others and myself”

February 03, 2020

”LOTS® is not only a tool, it’s a language and can be used for so much more than I could have imagined”, one participant said after just having finished the first five days of training in order to become a certified Lotscoach®.

Being able to act as Lotscoach® was as usual much ap…