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Privacy Policy May 25 2018 for LOTS AB

Processing of personal data
The following policy has been established for LOTS AB.

The purpose of this policy is to inform you about how we treat information about you, how we use them, who has access to them and under what conditions, and how you can exercise your rights. We are protecting your integrity and we want you to feel safe when you entrust your personal information to us.

This policy is based on the current data protection legislation and clarifies how we work to protect your rights and integrity. This data protection policy explains how we use your personal information. It also describes your rights and how you can exercise your rights. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about privacy and data protection. Just send us a message.

Within LOTS AB we process personal data for those people who are certified as Lotscoach®, users of our digital tools, customers, and members who use our services. We process your personal information primarily to fulfill our obligations to you. Our aim is to not process more personal information than is necessary to fulfill our obligations, and we always strive to use the least integrity sensitive data.

We also need your personal information to administer, provide, develop and maintain our services as well as provide you with good service regarding marketing, follow-up and information.

We may also need your personal information to comply with laws, as well as conduct customer and market research. You have the rights to oppose the use of personal data for direct marketing.

We use different methods for collecting personal information such as cookies. On different occasions we may import personal data from databases ie Facebook, Google, public register or customer register.

When required by law to obtain consent for the treatment of certain types of personal data or for certain forms of treatment, consent will be obtained from you beforehand.

You have the right to revoke your consent at any time. We will no longer process your personal information, provided that it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law.

We also have access to your personal information as follows:

  • Details you provide directly to us
  • Data recorded when you visit our website and app
  • Information we receive from public records
  • The information we receive when using our services
  • Information that we receive when you sign up for newsletters and other mailings
Information that we receive when answering surveys

  • Information that we receive when you contact us, seek employment with us, visit us or otherwise contact us

Guidelines for the kind of personal data we process
We treat only personal information when we have legal basis. We process personal information only when required to fulfill obligations under contract and law or when relevant to the purpose described in the specific terms of each service and in this Privacy Policy.

The following are examples of personal data we treat:

  • Name

  • Address

  • E-mail address

  • Phone number

  • Fax number
  • Date of birth

  • Title

  • User name
  • Photographs
  • Information you provided yourself and voluntarily
  • Information to facilitate the use of our services ie. login

  • Customer number

  • Employment

Data processed in a safe manner

We have developed routines and practices to ensure that your personal information is processed safely. Our aim is that only employees and other persons within the organization who need personal data to perform their duties should have access to them. Our security systems and working methods are developed with your integrity in focus and to a great extent protect against intrusion, destruction, and other changes that could endanger your privacy.

Disclosing personal data

Our aim is not to disclose your personal information to third parties unless you have consented to it or if it is not necessary to fulfill our obligations under contract or law.

LOTS AB can provide personal information to third parties, such as police or other authority, in the case of investigation of crimes or if LOTS AB is otherwise required to provide such information on the basis of law or authority decision. We do not transfer personal data in cases other than those expressly stated in this policy.

Storing and transferring your personal information
 LOTS AB stores personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and current legislation. LOTS AB uses subcontractors ie at ITC support. Personal data may therefore be transferred to these subcontractors. Our subcontractors process your personal information only on behalf of LOTS AB.

Change, delete and review your personal information
If your personal information changes, please inform us by sending us a message.

LOTS AB is not responsible for any problems that arise as a result of the fact that personal information is old or incorrect if you failed to inform us of the change.
LOTS AB will, at your request or when we detect it, correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information. You also have the right to get an extract showing what personal data about you is being processed. The request for excerpts must be made in writing to us and must be signed by you and include your name, postal address, phone number, e-mail address (used in communication with us).

You are entitled to request a limitation of personal data processing if

1. you question the accuracy of personal data;

2. the processing of personal data is unwanted and you choose restriction of processing of personal data instead of deletion; or

3. personal data is no longer required for previous purposes

A limitation of personal data processing means that your personal data will continue to be stored but otherwise not processed without your consent.

You also have the right to request personal data for the information you provided to us in the event that this information has been processed for your consent or by agreement.

You may at any time withdraw your consent to further processing of your personal information by contacting us and we will prevent such information from continuing to be processed. However, you are advised that withdrawal of consent does not affect processing that may be done without consent. If you are dissatisfied with our processing of personal data, you may contact the Data Inspection Bureau for the submission of complaints.

If you have questions, comments or complaints regarding LOTS AB's processing of personal data and compliance with the Privacy Policy or applicable Privacy Data Protection Act, please send us a message.

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