All of us reflect and make decisions in our professional and private life

We all strive, of course, for reflections and decisions that will be good for ourselves and for others. Who the ”others” are differs.

Whom are we including?

How do we reflect and make decisions?

How conscious are we about our reflection and decision making process?

How much do we try to understand the world around us and how much do we think about ourselves?

How conscious are we about the fact that we belong to more than just ourselves and that we need to think and act both Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way in whatever we do?

How conscious are we about the consequences of thinking and acting too much Inside-out or too much Outside-in?

LOTS AB has for decades contributed to making people more conscious about how they reflect and make decisions.

LOTS AB's vision is:

Conscious people for a conscious world.

This may sound very ambitious and at the same time the very positive response from our customers has led to that we are still active on the market and that we keep introducing our philosophy, the common language and tool of LOTS® in many countries and in many different types of organizations.

LOTS® is a practical, proven tool/process with a holistic view on any issue, and we have many real life examples today. Users of LOTS® express that they have ”a common and conscious view on where we want to be and how we will get there. We also have a common language in our reflections and our decision-making”.

LOTS® is introduced and led by a certified Lotscoach®. More than 6,600 people have been certified as Lotscoach® and LOTS AB offers continuous development through digital support and meetings/development days.

The key characteristics of a successful Lotscoach® are:

– An honest, curious person with the will to understand the situation of others.
During the certification program we learn and practice the art of asking structured open questions and “questioning to the void”. We do this in order to make us excellent facilitators in any situation. We also learn and practice “active listening” and what it means. It is so beneficial when we start to understand what active listening really is.

– An open, creative person who will propose a first draft outline for a workshop, and then develop it further together with the issue owner.

As certified Lotscoach®, we belong to a network or community of people certified as Lotscoach® around the world. We have a lot of experience and we are all willing to share our experiences. We have access to updated common print and digital support for our work.
Leaders and co-workers in an organization (private or public) appreciate having people certified as Lotscoach® within their organization. In several organizations it is also part of people's leader development to be certified and being active as Lotscoach®.

Learn more about being a certified Lotscoach® by emailing us at

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