The challenge of engaging the whole team

by Sara Vogt 26 Sep, 2018

A certification program in LOTS® is for many participants a developing journey on a personal as well as professional level. During an intense program in early September a group of people from various Swedish companies had the opportunity to dig deeper into the process and tool of LOTS®.

Through practical training and reflections in groups, they now have some tools to use in their organizations, both in their decision making and on a personal level. For some leaders implementing LOTS® on a big scale is experienced as challenging.

Why is this so essential? I ask Hans Akerblom, senior Lotscoach® and founder of LOTS®.
HA: Many leaders introducing LOTS® in their organizations have emphasized the value in a common language. All communication will benefit from having a common language. and we increase the possibilities in reaching our common goals, if we speak the same language.

What steps can we then take in order to implement LOTS® among all employees?
HA: Start with the members of the board, certify co-workers to become Lotscoach® and have them train everyone in the organization.

What are the benefits of having all employees striving in one direction?
HA: Having everyone feel an engagement and responsibility in reaching our common goals. With a clear customer orientation throughout the organization we increase the likelihood of us doing the right things, not just doing things right.

Could you give us a real life example?
HA: The Swedish State monopoly on the sale of alcoholic beverages, Systembolaget, has been awarded best small retailer five years consecutive. They succeeded because the board had a clear focus and made sure that all 5000 employees where involved. When you visit a store today you are struck by the motivated and competent staff as well as the impressive product range.

Sara Vogt


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