Simon Gambold on how LOTS® got the ball rolling

by Sara Vogt 08 Sep, 2017

Simon Gambold is the VP Marketing at Henry Schein Dental, EMEA Region. Being quite high up in a company that employs more than 21 000 people around the globe, he still manages to stay in touch with his customers and finds this very important too.

Henry Schein is the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners.

Simon Gambold Henry Schein– As a practitioner, you could basically just have an empty facility and we can take care of the rest. We provide everything from the products you need, the equipment, software to the marketing and the commercial side, Simon Gambold explains.

Simon Gambold felt that he was not moving forward fast enough with his team and they were not getting to where he wanted to. A friend then recommended him the tool and process of LOTS®.

–  We synced very well with LOTS® from the start, he says. Henry Schein has a close interaction with its’ customers and the importance of the customer in the process of LOTS® makes sense to us.

Another key element in the process of LOTS® is the purpose, to clarify why we exist and how we can make the world a little bit better, which is something Simon Gambold and Henry Schein can relate very well to. By helping their customers improve healthcare, they want to make the world a little bit better.

What makes LOTS® different to other planning processes that you have used?

– LOTS® gives us a common language, which is vital, especially for such a large corporation, where not only many nationalities meet, but also several different business fields.

Lotscoach® Stephan Stahl met with a group of people from various locations within the company and guided them through the process of creating a business plan. At times discussions were hard and it was a tough process. With the guidance of their Lotscoach® they managed to find the turnaround, though, and Simon Gambold sounds exited when he explains:

–  It was such a great feeling to see how the team started working together. They have now realized that we are all pulling together.

–  Now it is more a matter of holding the reins rather than getting the ball rolling, he says and laughs.

This enthusiasm is something that Simon Gambold wants to build upon and now he wants to become a Lotscoach® himself in order to keep the process alive within the company and build on the improvements that have already taken place.

– People from different units and countries communicate so much better with each other already, he says.

He has not used LOTS® in his personal life yet, but as a business professional he sees how LOTS® has already improved his leadership.

– It has added another perspective, he says. If someone else is thinking of using LOTS®, they should just give it a go, because it really works.

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