“New version of LOTS® an eye opener”

by Sara Vogt 08 May, 2017

Doug Smith recently upgraded his certification as a Lotscoach®.

“I did my first training with LOTS® (12.0) in 2012 and applied the process for Arla Foods in Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, China and Denmark.”

Now as an independent Lotscoach® based in Toronto, Canada, being introduced to the 20th edition was a real eye opener for him. The new version of LOTS® is simpler, has much more information on the open end questioning and identifies a broad spectrum of what an Issue can actually be.

“LOTS® is so much more and can be applied to so many more issues than I had realized before”, he says.

Training to become a Lotscoach® is intense. Doug Smith especially appreciated being able to learn more from his Senior Lotscoach® John Dunnigan’s wealth of experience. He now wants to help leaders and companies in Canada and internationally to get to where they want to be by using LOTS®.

“My experience as President & CEO of Arla Foods Canada for 22 years helps me to understand a wide range of issues a leader may be facing.”

Having worked for many years in a Danish Swedish Dairy Cooperative he has gotten to know the Scandinavian way of working very well. He also finds that there are many similarities between the Canadian and Scandinavian mentality, with both striving for consensus, emphasizing working as a team and having an international outlook.

How do you see LOTS® clarifying the thinking of the leaders you will work with?
We all have an Issue in our mind. For me it is about defining it. By doing this you have already taken a huge leap forward.

Contact details for Doug Smith
If you would like to work with Doug Smith you can contact him via e-mail: or phone: +1 416 277 0806.

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