The fear for and necessity of change

by Sara Vogt 25 Oct, 2016

Personal change is often connected to positive energy, according to organizational change expert Jim Hemerling. Organizational change though, is often related to fear and negative thoughts.

“Change is happening every day though, even though we, as leaders and team members, occasionally allow ourselves to be persuaded that security lies in staying the same. If we do not continuously develop and change, deviations from the outside world and from within ourselves will finally become too great. The changes we are then forced to undertake could be highly traumatic.

In order to be able to take the initiative and adapt to change, we need to develop our ability to think and act both Outside-in and Inside-out, in small things as well as in big.

This is what the philosophy, common language and tool LOTS® has contributed to for over 40 years. LOTS® and the facilitator or Lotscoach® want to create a “quality room“ where you can inspire yourself and release the potential in yourself, your team and in what you are doing.”

From the book LOTS® – Outside-in and Inside-out by Hans Akerblom

The future does not exist – we create it. No organization has the right to exist if the people in it can not explain how they are either making or intend to make our world just a little bit better for a specific group of people and at the same time for all of us.

How balanced is the Outside-in and Inside-out thinking in your organization?

For those of you who have not had the chance to update yourself on the new version of LOTS® we would like to share the first chapter of the book LOTS® – Outside-in and Inside-out with you. We wish you an inspiring read! excert-lots-outside-in-and-inside-out-chapter-1 (PDF)

If you are curious on Jim Hemerlings speech on “5 ways to lead in an era of constant change” you can watch the full version here.

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