"When I was given the opportunity to become a Certified Lotscoach®, I jumped at the chance"

by Emil 09 Jun, 2023

After the program to become a Certified Lotscoach®, Hans Åkerblom, CEO and Founder, got some very nice and kind reactions.

Down below are some reactions and pictures from the latest program.


"There is lots to love about working Arla Foods. One of my favorite times of the year is Business Planning. Following a structured process called LOTS AB we align on the goals and activities to be delivered across the organization, aligned to our strategy. The cascade and deployment across the business gives us the golden thread to ensure delivery. It’s always been something I take a lot of energy from so, when I was given the opportunity to become a certified Lotscoach®, I jumped at the chance. After 3 great days in DK I am happy to say I fulfilled that gift ❤️ Fantastic course, with great colleagues, all super curious and inspiring. Big thanks to all 🙏"

 The LOTS circleThe five aspects


"I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained a new certification: Certified Lotscoach®! Looking forward to applying the Outside-In and Inside-Out approach to my work in Arla :-)

Thanks Hans Akerblom for the great insights"

Hans and Mette on picture


"I'm now the proud owner of the title: Certified Lotscoach®!
LOTS® is a holistic leadership tool known for stimulating constructive reflections and enabling conscious decisions, in both personal and professional scenarios.

However, I have only started to scratch the surface. Like diving into a deep, clear lake, there's a world beneath the surface still left to discover.

Looking forward to diving deeper and navigating the waters of leadership, team, and business development.

Thank you, Hans Akerblom, for navigating us safely through the course and in to the harbour."

Outside-in & inside-out book cover


 Hans Åkerblom, Senior Lotscoach® said:  "A very positive team who have the will to learn and apply"


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