Learning for Well Being

by Max 09 Jul, 2024

Hans Åkerblom, the founder of LOTS® and LOTS AB has worked for 20 years with Learning for Well Being, L4WB. L4WB is an international Foundation with its base in Brussels. Their Vision is: Each child can fulfill their unique potential and all people in the Foundation are very motivated to work towards the Vision every day.

Hans works as facilitator in their reflections and decision making and has also certified the members of the management team to act as a Lotscoach®️. The Foundation is led by the founder, Daniel Kropf.

In June 2024 Hans led the update of the Foundations plan with the horizon of 2034. Meaningful, Joyful and hopefully Financial sustainability for the Foundation and its qualified and loveful people.

"Thank you again for all your support and hard work last week, having you take us through the process was very valuable and would not have been as successful if you had not been there”, says Yakarah Attias-Rosen

The founder of L4WB, Daniel Kropf, was satisfied after a couple of intensive days: "Thank you so much for your help."




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