Inspiring reflections for a more conscious and sustainable world

by Sara Vogt 06 Sep, 2019

How do we work with LOTS® in large organisations?

What are the challenges of bringing LOTS® into an international organisation with thousand of employees?

Why is it so important to avoid cliches when defining our values?

These were some of the issues processed during the Development Day in Stockholm. People from different kinds of organizations, of all ages, with many different life stories met and exchanged experiences. They all agreed on the importance and challenge of asking open questions. And how rewarding it can be.

This was a great opportunity to practise, experience and learn from dealing with real issues in a group of people certified as Lotscoach® bringing in their area of expertise and another Outside-in view for additional insights, motivation and clarity.

We hope you feel as inspired as we do in our work. Inspiring reflections for a more conscious and sustainable world.

For those of you who missed this opportunity, the next Development Day with LOTS® will take place on March 18, 2020. Hope to see you then.

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