“With LOTS® I can question things in a structured way”

by Sara Vogt 24 Jan, 2019

That I reach him whilst driving his car is not surprising. Peter Seligson, Member of the Board for Anti Ahlstrom Perilliset Oy, is a businessman as well as a busy man.

Even though he has moved from A to B during our conversation, also in a physical sense, his presence is 100%. There is no doubt he loves what he does for a living.

He says he can drive people crazy in his way of questioning and trying to see things from a different perspective.

– I like being of an opposite opinion, he says and laughs. With LOTS® I can question things in a structured way.
We talk about leadership now and then. About patience and the importance of not rushing through the process.

– The leaders of today have to be able to deal with instant gratification, he says and explains further: The people of today are used to always receiving instant gratification in the shape of likes and comments on social media. To a leader this is a challenge.

What makes a good leader in 2019?

– A good leader in 2019 must be able to help people move on, to engage in order to be able to patiently work towards something also when you can’t see the results straight away, Peter Seligson replies.

A few weeks ago you talked to students at the Hanken School of Economics in Helsinki, Finland. What is your most important message to them?

– The leaders of tomorrow need to find new ways to become better and to challenge, question and add balancing input in a constructive way. One challenge is that you as a leader no longer will be the one person that knows everything – today there is Google. At the same time people today have become more primitive. Social media lays a path for simple truths. This is another challenge.

Read the interview with Thomas Ahlström, Managing Director of Anti Ahlstrom Perilliset Oy, here.

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