Finding the fast track to the customer in a changing world

by Sara Vogt 01 Apr, 2019

Customer centricity and fast execution are key words for Carsten Kueck, Head of Training & Development, Global HR Division, Human Resources HQ at the TDK Corporation.

In order to meet the customers’ needs fast execution is central, he explains. LOTS® is helping him and his team to find out what issues to work on and gives them the power and motivation they need to become more effective and efficient, shortening the distance to the customer.

Mention TDK and many of you who are old enough will think of cassette tapes.
The sender was obvious, the brand often printed with large letters on the cassette itself, on the adhesive stickers where music fans scribbled down band names as well as on the case that should prevent the magnetic tape from turning into a pile of uncontrollable plastic film.

Magnetic ferrite technology is still as central as when the company was founded in Japan in 1935. Sure cassette tapes are said to be having a revival, but the sales are far from their heights a few decades ago. If TDK products of today were as prominently labeled as back then, the consumer would probably be more aware of the size and the impact the company has on our everyday lives today.

The ferrite technology has evolved and is found in everything from medical components, to smartphones, computers, cars and wearable gadgets.

 ”Our mission to supply products that blend seamlessly into the life of consumers, making it more comfortable and convenient, remains the same”, the president and CEO of TDK Corp. said in an interview with the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun.

Sara Vogt

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