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– A Lotscoach® facilitates our reflections and decision making
– A Lotscoach® helps us to think and act Outside-in & Inside-out in a sustainable way
– A Lotscoach® is really good at asking curious, challenging and structured open questions
– A Lotscoach® has a holistic view on each Issue

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You can now download the Yellow Card as an app and always have the latest version at hand in your phone.
The certified Lotscoach® now also has access to all the latest materials of LOTS® through The Digital Support Tool of LOTS®. This helps you as a Lotscoach® to always be up to date, to develop personally and professionally and to reflect on, plan and execute issues, large and small.

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With a holistic view and a clear structure, LOTS® wishes to contri…
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Project coordinator
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Here-and-now in our everyday life

October 02, 2019

Many of us have probably reflected on how good we feel when we are out in nature. The scenery, the scents, the silence. We are here-and-now. One with nature.

Still, we often end up in our office, in the car, watching TV or being tempted to check our smartphones. Always available…

Reflection on goals

September 11, 2019

On the last day of a five-day certification program, people learning LOTS® have the chance to share what has inspired them the most during the week.

It is an opportunity to reflect and also for us at LOTS AB to get a valuable Outside-in view.

Markus Wikborg, researcher and lead…

Inspiring reflections for a more conscious and sustainable world

September 06, 2019

How do we work with LOTS® in large organisations?

What are the challenges of bringing LOTS® into an international organisation with thousand of employees?

Why is it so important to avoid cliches when defining our values?

These were some of the issues processed during the Devel…