Digital Support tool of LOTS®

Planning with LOTS® made easier and accessible everywhere

The Digital Support Tool of LOTS® is an online tool for the Lotscoach® and those who use LOTS® in the planning, carrying out and follow-up of their assignments. It keeps all your plans in one place, ready to access wherever you are and always up to date.


The Digital Support Tool of LOTS® gives you access to the book, the manual and much more. This reflection and learning material is only a click away when you are creating issues, updating plans and preparing workshops.


You can use the existing presentations on current themes or upload your own. The presentations online can also be downloaded, making you independent of an Internet connection.


When using the Digital Support Tool of LOTS® you will be informed about new updates for continuous learning and inspiration.


It has been a fun and at the same time a challenging journey, Hans Akerblom, CEO of LOTS AB and creator of LOTS®, says about the digitalization of LOTS®.


– The development work is by no means finished. The functionality will be further developed and the user will see it change over time.


Would you like to learn more? Send us an email.



– The annual fee of SEK 3.300 + VAT/user is invoiced in advance
– For 5 users or more: Ask us for a quotation
– Payment period 30 days

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