Development Day with LOTS®

Theme: Sustainability
Stockholm March 18, 2020

Three speakers from around the globe with share their unique insights on sustainability and LOTS® from their field of expertise.


Network and grow as a Lotscoach® with the Development Day


As ususal, you will also have the opportunity to network and share from other people's experiences from working as a Lotscoach® whilst working in smaller groups and facilitating your own real life issues.

You can take on the role as issue owner, Lotscoach® and deal with issues large or small taken from your own daily life experiences.

These discussions are often very appreciated and the creativity of the group and the inputs from a senior Lotscoach® have in the past led to new insights and inspiration to all participants.

A Lotscoach® facilitates
reflection and decision making
and our goal is for you
to return home filled with
new insights and feeling energized.

Location: Yet to be announced, Stockholm, Sweden
Date: March 18, 2019
Time:  9am–5pm
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A warm welcome

from the team behind LOTS®

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