Development Day with LOTS®

Stockholm March 18, 2020

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Eva-Lena Frick, CEO Vasaloppet

Eva-Lena Frick

CEO Vasaloppet – Mora, Sweden

Environmental, economic and social sustainability with Vasaloppet
Thinking and acting Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way with LOTS®

Vasaloppet’s sustainability strategy helps them prioritize and efficiently take on important challenges. A common thread in their work is to preserve their history while at the same time developing along with the outside world.

 Kenneth Hansen

Kenneth Hansen

CEO Blaane – Norway and Spain

Where are we today and why?
Thinking and acting Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way with LOTS®

Goal-oriented and ambitious, relevant and manageable, inclusive and fun are Kenneth Hansens key words. As a leading brand specialist and keen environmentalist Kenneth will help us summarize the day and share some of his own experiences


Network and grow as a Lotscoach® with the Development Day

We will be reflecting on how we as Lotscoach® can contribute to the thinking and acting Outside-in and Inside-out in a sustainable way regarding:
– what we do in our organization
– the people within our organization
– we ourselves

A very much appreciated part of the Development Day is also the opportunity to act and see others act as Lotscoach®, issue owner and participant by processing real and current issues. This leads to new insights, a deeper understanding and continuous learning that will benefit both you and your organization.

As a Lotscoach® you are part of a global network of people. The Development Day is an excellent opportunity to network, exchange experiences and connect for a more conscious world.

Location: Scandic Anglais, Stockholm, Sweden
Date: March 18, 2020
Time:  9am–5pm
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A warm welcome

from the team behind LOTS®

Due to current recommendations regarding the Corona virus, the presentation of our speaker Joseph Thampan has been postponed to the Development Day with LOTS® on September 10, 2020.

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