Invitation Development Day March 7, 2019 (Scandinavian language)

by Sara Vogt 22 Jan, 2019

The Scandinavian speaking certified Lotscoach® now has the chance to get to know the digital support tool of LOTS®.
The digital support tool of LOTS® has been developed in order to assist you as a Lotscoach® in planning, implementing and following up your assignments. It also supports continuous learning as a Lotscoach®.
The support tool is based on the latest version on LOTS® and if you have not yet had the chance to update, this will give you the opportunity.
We as Scandinavian speaking certified Lotscoach® meet at the Clarion Hotel Gillet in Uppsala, Sweden. Send an e-mail to to register.
Hans Akerblom will host the program.
The total cost is SEK 2.900 excl. tax and includes coffee in the morning and the afternoon.
After March 7 you will be able to continue using the digital support tool for another two weeks free of charge.
We look forward to a inspiring day with you!
The team of LOTS®

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