About Scandinavian Leadership

Less than 0.4 percent of the world’s population lives in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland. Its people are spread over an area so sparsely populated that it even makes the Sahara look busy. Yet people from this part of the world have contributed to global progress in greater number per capita than most nations could ever dream of. ”Walk, not talk” is the Scandinavian way. We believe that the Scandinavian soul and its people are the reason for the development of a very special kind of leadership, a leadership style that could be called ”Scandinavian”.

Does this leadership style have to do with the Scandinavian climate and environment? The clean skies, salty sea and freezing cold winters? Or the fact that the early settlers got nothing for free and only after severe physical labor managed to sow any kind of seed? Maybe the Scandinavian sense of equality and human rights was inherited down through generations from the founders of the world’s first court of law, Tingvalla on Iceland?

We believe that there is a connection between all of this. We are also convinced that Scandinavian Leadership can contribute to solving some of the problems humanity is currently facing.

Scandinavian Leadership has supported leaders and their team for many years in many countries. Our team consists of well trained and experienced facilitators.

We base all our assignments on the philosophy and tool of LOTS® that has proven successful in real life Issues. Each assignment gets its own outline though as the needs and deficiencies vary from assignment to assignment. It could be everything from an inspirational lecture to a redirection of the business that should permeate the whole organization. Issues dealt with can be large or small.

We always recommend to start with the management team. Then we take the process further throughout the organization. In that process we identify together with the management potential “internal” facilitators to be certified as Lotscoach® and take the responsibility for the process in the organization. We have today certified approx. 6 000 internal facilitators in more than 60 countries. Leaders, teams and internal facilitators that work with LOTS® receive continuous support and we are very proud of both our long relationships as well as all new assignments with leaders in all age groups, business fields and with various experience levels.

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